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Custom Stamping Dies Design and Manufacturing

As a major mold supplier in China, Hisense Mold provides a full range of molds which include both injection molding dies and custom stamping dies. In 2011, our stamping die production department was established with an investment of 3,000,000RMB. It is engaged in the design and manufacture of sheet metal stamping dies for TV sets, air conditioners, refrigerators, lap-top computers and other high-end equipment. Consisting of 50 engineers and technicians, the department has established a comprehensive management system and utilizes a complete set of advanced equipment for production. We have an annual output of more than 200 sets of molds.

PCM/VCM Technology
PCM and VCM technology are advanced coating treatments used in the stamping process for metal sheet production. In both PCM and VCM processes, metal sheets first go through extensive surface treatments and are then coated (roller coating)or filmed, baked and finally shaped. They can then be further processed into finished products. Coatings finished with PCM/VCM technology are superior to spray coatings and brush coatings because they are more even and stable. The entire process is also more environment-friendly.

Applications of PCM/VCM Sheets
PCM/VCM sheets have successfully taken place of the traditional metal sheets and been widely used to make front/rear panels and front frames for televisions and other products. The door panels of refrigerators and other home appliances are made of VCM sheets.

Technical Strength
The stamping process of PCM/VCM sheet is often difficult to complete without damage. This is because the shaping process might exert disruptive forces coating or film on the sheet. To solve this issue we have exerted great efforts in technical research and developed a special technology which effectively allows PCM/VCM sheets to be formed and processed without any damage. Using this patented technology, we can provide customers with premium home appliance molds like shells and back panels for TV sets and other appliances.